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Thrills Splashes And Fun - Wonder La Amusement Park

Thrills Splashes And Fun – Wonder La Amusement Park

Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka in India, is a city which is popular amongst tourists and travelers. Known as the “garden city of India”, Bangalore is known for its beauty and development, and is also a leading city in fields such IT, research and development, and transport and commerce. It is a popular tourist destination due its vibrant shopping districts, historic and cultural attractions, and its colorful society.

Of the many attractions in the dynamic city of Bangalore, one which offers a range of exciting activities which are sure to provide fun and thrills for the whole family is the Wonder La Amusement Park. This vast and high-tech amusement park offers a variety of water and land rides and virtual reality shows and displays, making it an ideal place to have some fun filled memories with friends and family.

Located near Bidadi and spreading over 82 acres, the Wonder La Amusement Park is a one-stop destination for laughs, thrills and good times. Established in 2005, this park has been a popular attraction amongst locals and tourists, due to the wide variety of rides and activities it provides.

The Wonder La Amusement Park has fun filled water rides such as the Banded Kraits, and the Uphill Racer; exciting land rides such as the Techno Jump and the Hang Glider; and adrenaline pumping thriller rides such as the Equinox and the Insanity. All these rides are sure to make you have an awesome time which will leave you with great memories or an adrenaline rush you won’t easily forget. There is also a variety of exciting kid’s rides such as the Jumping Frog and the Lion Swing, which can keep the kids entertained as well. There are also several laser shows and virtual reality displays at the Wonder La Amusement Park.

One of the highlights of this park is the Discotheque; a dance floor with electronically controlled rain, and other interesting features, which are popular attractions amongst the youth. There are also several restaurants and restrooms in this park, making it an ideal location to spend a day filled with splashes, laughter and thrills!

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