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The Most Interesting Facts about the Arctic You Might Never Know

The Most Interesting Facts about the Arctic You Might Never Know

Those who like the extremes may definitely fall for extreme travel; visiting the North and South poles is thus a wonderful opportunity to test your endurance and to collect invaluable experiences in the wilderness. Visiting the Arctic may become the best adventure in your life, but getting there unprepared may become a serious trial of your physical and emotional resources. So get prepared for this carefully – our collection of interesting facts about the Arctic will help you!

  1. The Arctic is defined differently by different people; while scholars claim the Arctic to be the territory located beyond the Arctic Circle, while the factual territories of the Arctic include the Arctic Ocean and northern parts of Canada, Russia, the USA, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland’s island of Grimsey, as well as the island of Greenland.
  2. Since the Arctic is the northern pole of Earth, there are some days of total darkness and constant sunshine, so the boundaries of day and night become blurred.
  3. The Arctic is the home to narwhal – the most fascinating creature in the world very similar to a mythological Capricorn.
  4. The role of the Arctic is immense for the Earth; it serves as protector of climatic stability for the planet, and also contains a strategically important reserve of fresh water.
  5. The Arctic is in the focus of intense academic research because only there, physical and biological environments’ operation under extremely low temperatures.
  6. The Arctic territories are inhabited with some unique representatives of wildlife unique for this territory and never found in any other place. If you want to see a polar bear, a walrus, or a musk ox with your own eyes, only a polar expedition to the Arctic may provide you such a unique chance.
  7. The Arctic acquired its name from the Greek word Arktos, which means “near the bear”. But interestingly, the name is not associated with polar bears at all! The name is associated with two constellations with similar names, more info about wildlife and history here).
  8. The Arctic is not as cold as Antarctica; here, the temperatures reach maximum -68 degrees Celsius, while in Antarctica, temperatures as low as -89 degrees were recorded.
  9. Though the Arctic hosts only a small number of inhabitants, its territory is more than that of Europe.
  10. This territory is falsely considered a barren land; counter to this popular belief, there are some areas on which small shrubs, mosses, and lichens are found.

Overall, the Arctic is a fascinating place to discover unique nature and wildlife; polar bears are fascinating creatures a meeting with which you will never forget. In addition, a casual meeting with wolverines, squirrels, seals, and a number of exquisite birds is not a rarity here. Moreover, an acquaintance with Indigenous people who have been living here for centuries, in the harsh wilderness and eternal winter, may be a memorable event. Polar expeditions are popular among risky and daring tourists nowadays, so select your own destination for the trip full of marvelous discoveries.

5 Foolproof Tips for Squirrel Hunting No One Told You

5 Foolproof Tips for Squirrel Hunting No One Told You

If you are a hunting enthusiast, it is most likely that you started with small game. Squirrels are always the perfect starting point in the learning curve and for many good reasons. These cheeky critters are intelligent enough and fooling them into your rifle’s sight is not an easy task. This makes your hunt lots of fun.

There has been growing concern over the rising squirrel population and hunting them has been proposed in various states as the best option. A CBS News report has highlighted the chaos these animals can cause while another study published in the Washington Post has pointed to the costly power and electronic disruptions caused by squirrels. The growing squirrel population has already become a great concern for fruit farmers in New Mexico, Vermont, Indiana, Ohio and New York.

Well, if you want to take part in controlling their population while also honing your skills, it is time to learn a few unusual hunting tips. Here you go:


Whether you are a beginner or an old hand at hunting, you appreciate the importance of patience. If you want to successfully outwit a squirrel, make sure you are even more still than it gets on spotting a predator. Most beginners stay for a few minutes in one spot and continue scouting while a few more minutes would have given them a perfect shot.

Hone Your Shooting

If you have just picked your dad’s hunting rifle and you want to enjoy squirrel hunting, you are in for a long run. Unlike large deer which you can easily shoot after spotting, these critters are very agile and mostly you might have to use a shot gun to shoot them as they run. You must take intense rifle training before the season starts. This is the only way you are going to improve as you specialize on these smaller animals.

The Feeding Sound Trick

If you have been in a spot that should be productive without any success, there is the likelihood that you have alerted the critters. These wary animals have an inclination to stay perfectly still when they suspect a predator is around. The restless hand trick is one of the most creative tips for squirrel hunting these cheeky animals; put your hand in the litter and imitate a feeding squirrel by crushing some leaves. All the other squirrels will start feeding and it is your time to make a move.

The Spotting and Stalking Game

As a beginner, you might have a hard time getting your first kill and the reason is obvious; you are always getting spotted by these tricky animals. To perfect your game, learn to camouflage yourself and once you spot a squirrel, follow its trail until it is perfectly in your sight. Most beginners ruin their hunt by moving constantly instead of stalking from one spot.

Hunting in the Mountains

The wind is a great asset to any hunter and if you really want to enjoy squirrel hunting, try hilly areas when winds are unfavorable. With more scouting, you will find calmer areas deeper in the woods where squirrels have moved away from the wind.

Well, you now have some ideas about what you haven’t been doing right. Get down to work now and perfect your hunting game.

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3 Points Of Interest In Salzburg To Not Miss

3 Points Of Interest In Salzburg To Not Miss

Rapid journey around the Salzburg Airport terminal transfers can provide you with a great chance to consider a short consider the city before you decide to explore it in greater detail by walking. If you are feeling tired out of your journey, you might well enjoy the opportunity to relax and relax as the Salzburg Airport terminal transfers mind towards your selected hotel. Once rejuvenated and moved in, you are able to mind out and begin about this listing of great points of interest to determine.

Salzburger Dom

This is actually the title provided to Salzburg Cathedral, a real beauty at the time of the busy city. You may also consume St Peter’s Abbey and also the Residenz Castle simultaneously, since both of them are in close closeness towards the cathedral itself. You will find many great sights here, but possibly among the best steps you can take is just wander round the area and appreciate its grandeur. Take time to sit in a café having a well-gained coffee to look at vacationers and local people interacting within the roads – it is a great pastime!

Mirabell Gardens

These gardens fit in with Mirabell Structure, but as the structure is impressive, lots of people visit simply to begin to see the gardens. Even when your Salzburg Airport terminal transfers get you right through the gardens, you will not discover their whereabouts within their true beauty before you return by walking. The gardens are really well-maintained and trimmed very precisely. Balustrades round the gardens feature a number of Roman gods, including Apollo and Bacchus. With fountains, courts as well as other features, you can easily spend a few hrs wandering across the gardens whenever you want.

Getreidegasse Lane

You will not pass this lane in your Salzburg Airport terminal transfers because it is completely pedestrianised – which makes it probably the most appealing shopping roads within the entire city. Its in Altstadt, also called that old Town, which is filled with colour and personality. This is the road in which the great composer Mozart was created, so you will have the opportunity to go to the house. There’s an enormous knot of retailers here of all types, which is an excellent place to locate unusual jewelry. Lots of people arrived at understand the architecture, such as the cool signs that hang outdoors the businesses.

This can be a truly lovely city and something with sufficient to provide. Make certain you intend a trip to determine the very best bits, even when you simply have a couple of days to invest here.

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For A Change of Pace, Companies Offer Some Unique Holiday Opportunities

For A Change of Pace, Companies Offer Some Unique Holiday Opportunities

Taking our yearly holiday is something most of us look forward to. After all, there is a wide selection of fun and unique things to do. From tanning at the beach to hiking in the mountains, we all look forward to some down time so we can take a break from our usually hectic lives. These days, there are companies that provide bigger and better holiday options, including some pretty unique opportunities for both individuals and families. This includes walking holidays that include tour guides if requested, a map of places to visit and a chance to experience some of the most beautiful locations found anywhere in the world. Best of all, companies that offer these holidays offer them at reasonable prices, and make it very simple to sign up for the trips.

What Is So Special About a Walking Holiday?

Walking holidays are offered in various places around the globe, including Greece, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and many others. They have specific starting places but generally give you a lot of time to walk or hike from Point A to Point B. They give you a map that includes suggested routes and places to stop along the way, and will even take your luggage to your next stopping point’s hotel so that all you need to do each day is walk and enjoy the view!

Self-guided hiking and walking tours offer a chance to get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, and enjoy many amenities along the way, including tourist attractions, fine dining, wineries and much more. Walking holidays in Greece allow you to see some unique attractions you will not find anywhere else in the world, such as the Cyclades Islands, Crete, Athens and more. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or view the architecture that is specific to the area, these walking holidays allow you to take advantage of the majesty of Greece.

The Old versus the New

Greece is an old country and offers architecture and natural surroundings that look much like they did centuries ago. However, when you schedule a walking tour of the area, you also get to enjoy some of the newer and more unique aspects of the country. This includes swimming along secluded beaches, hiking in the mountains near the Libyan Sea and visiting areas of undisturbed natural wilderness. These trips also include stays at spacious hotels with balconies, as well as visits to fine diners and restaurants.

One of the best things about these tours is that the prices include everything, even the hotel rooms throughout the tour, ferry tickets and all transfers needed for the trip. Tours can last seven days or longer and offer a unique way to enjoy your holiday. Companies that offer these tours have extensive websites that include full-colour photographs of each location, to whet your appetite for more information. Before you spend another holiday doing the same thing you did last year, consider a fun and interesting walking tour in one of the many countries offered by these companies.

The Grandiose Of A Seaside Holiday At Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The Grandiose Of A Seaside Holiday At Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

It has always been proved with lots of research that a holiday by the seaside has always created a deep positive impact on travelers.There are several factors that contribute towards making a beach holiday one of the most memorable experiences of all.

Spending time around the Sea waters:

Swimming is indeed a great exercise for your whole body, so spending time in and around the sea waters can really improve your fitness. In short a great stay close to the waters of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico can add to your overall rejuvenation.

It’s not just great for the skin as the silicon present in the waters can make the skin look as well as feel younger but also good for toning body muscles. The iodine present in the sea water can help in the growth of hair plus give an added shine to your skin. With these plus points one can never possibly leave a sea dip.

Availability of Fresh Seafood to eat:

Being so close to a sea gives you an advantage of having the delicious delights of series and varieties of sea food, starting from Pomfret, prawns, salmon and the list is endless.

One can enjoy excellent sea food at any Playa Del Carmen condo hotel rich in omega-3 acids which are really good for your heart. There are many kinds of antioxidants present in various shellfishes that help to give a boost to your immune system.

Sun bathing:

Going for a sun bath and spending some time under the exposure of the sun can prove very beneficial for your body as the sun rays replenish our bodies Vitamin D deposits. Vitamin D helps your bones grow stronger, also grows your nails stronger, it also repairs the blemishes on your skin.

The Air of coastal areas:

The coastal air of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico can also prove to be super refreshing for you. The high levels of oxygen present in the air helps you refresh not only from your mind but also benefits your skin, organs and muscles as well.

Several researches have proved that the sight of the seas proves to be a natural stress reliever to your mind and body and the sound of the waves gives a calming effect to our overall sensory system.

This holiday choose to go to the beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and have a wondrous vacation.

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