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Trip To Bikaner: Marvel Of Royal Rajasthan

Trip To Bikaner: Marvel Of Royal Rajasthan

Bikaner is located in north of the desert state Rajasthan. It is the city which is noted for its sand dunes, magnificent palaces, sculptured temples in red and yellow sand stones and rich cultural heritage. The hallmarks of this place are grandiose palaces which are known for its architectural supremacy, interior decorations, well laid gardens and intricate design throughout the complexes. This place is known as the bloomed beauty in a desert that makes it a ranked destination of heritage Rajasthan.

The exotic camel safaris, majestic forts and the worship of holy rats at Mata Karni temple are some of the most attractive destinations of this place. Tourists from different parts of the world thronged to this mystic place during camel festival which is held in the month of January.

Junagarh Fort

It is one of the most imposing and enchanting forts of Northern India. The charisma of this monumental structure lies in its colonnades, steep stone stairs, frescoed rooms, public halls, decorated balconies (Jharokha), kiosks, royal quarters, screen windows and well constructed public rooms. It is the living testimonial of royalty and splendour of audacious Rajputana rulers.

According to history it is an unassailable and unconquered fortress which was built by the sixth ruler of Bikaner? Raja Rai Singh. This fort is enclosed by the? 986 metre long stonewall which has 37 bastions. The deep moat encircling the stonewall made it impossible for enemy to attack this place. The Surajpol and Daulatpol are the two important gates of this fort. Surajpol was the main gate to the fort while at the Daulatpol one can can see handprints of the royal ladies who committed sati on the pyres.

Karni Mata Temple or Deshnok Temple

This is 600 year old temple dedicated to Karni Mata, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. The temple is built out of marble. The striking feature of this temple is 20,000 rats that are fed, protected and worshipped. In the temple courtyard one can see the huge metals bowls of milk, sweet and grains which are meant for rats feeding. If a rat (kaba) runs across one’s feet is supposed to be highly fortunate. And a glimpse of white rat at this place is considered as blessing from the Goddess which fulfils wishes of devotees.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum: It is among the best museums of Rajasthan which is known for its fabulous collection of antiques and artilleries. Tourists come here to see the antiques collection like jewellery, stone vessels, royal dresses and ornaments. This museum is also known for its rare and royal articles like daggers, safety shields and revolvers belonging to the erstwhile rulers. Bikaner is known throughout the world for its ‘Bikaneri Bhujia’ a spicy savoury and also famous for various sweets. It is also known for its woollen shawls, blankets and colourful carpets.

The preferable time to travel this historical city is September to March. Some of the other places of attractions of this place include Lalgarh Palace, Jain Haveli, Bhandeswari Jain Temple, Shivbari Temple, Laxmi Niwas Palace and many more.